The Suffolk studio

Finally, we are able to work in our new studio full time. We are in a glorious state of chaos, but are straight in to our respective projects and looking forward to developing more collaborative processes too. Neither of us have worked side by side with another artist for decades and to have the opportunity to create, collaborate and critique together is an absolute dream.

Our space is situated in a beautiful part of Suffolk, just ten mintes drive from Bury St Edmunds. The winding lanes that lead us to work are beautiful and are currently lined with thick clumps of snow drops. We can feel Spring burgeoning, just as we are with our brush and chisel in hand. We have been so used to working in our respected spaces at home all these years and now we can already feel the benefit of a little distance this studio brings – and I’m not too tempted to work into the night, when the light has failed and we arrive every morning, able to interpret our work refreshed and rested.

We are very disciplined and devoted to our creative process. It’s so exciting to be able to embrace a grander, more expressive scale and to work on several pieces simultaneously, as the space is such a good size.

Looking forward to posting the results here, as we work towards upcoming exhibitions and events as well as our sketches and doodles.

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