Ashdown Gallery show



Our collaborative show continues at Ashdown Gallery in Forest Row East Sussex, together with a sizeable collection of our individual paintings and sculpture. For us, this is such an poignant moment in both our artistic careers and as a significant marker in our deep love for one another.

Spending every single moment together now is astounding to us. We share everything, not least our creativity of course. Working in tandem in the studio is a gift that has jettisoned the solitude we felt when apart. We work intensely and often in complete silence, unless a little Brian Eno is called for and we break to crit each other’s progress. We now have a solid working practice that benefits from our deep knowledge, love and respect for each other. We are two sides of the same head.

There is no doubt that putting this exhibition together has crystallised this intensity. Producing such a visceral body of work has been extraordinary and we are both deeply moved by the experience. It is always thrilling to see a body of work presented in one space; to see how each piece complements another, but it feels even more special to us somehow, as we present our entire creative processes for display. We are just taking a moment to reflect on where we are at present and have our hearts and minds open to the next step in our journey together.

Our deepest thanks to Juliet Townsend at Ashdown, who has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has presented the exhibition with so much care and sensitivity; we are simply delighted with the resulting show. It was a joy meet so many people at the preview too and to have the opportunity to discuss our working processes and inspirations. We are thrilled to that several collaborative pieces are now off to new homes, where we sincerely hope they will be treasured and enjoyed.

We feel so inspired to see where our brushes takes us next.

Much love Lorna and Stephen xx


“Wow! Looks absolutely stunning in the photos.. Can only imagine how it is in real life! I love the way your individual styles and pieces blend so seamlessly, complementing and accentuating each other. It really is like two minds working as one in different heads, two souls souring together from different hearts! Again Wow!”

D. Thwaite

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