Recent work


The excitement of creating new work is always a thrill, but Stephen and I feel that this recent body of work is really beginning to embed a language that we have developed over the last few years of collaboration. It’s intoxicating to us to explore each others marks and to respond to new interpretations of the imagery as each piece evolves.

We are currently enjoying laying down some classic drawing over textured marks and then the process of analytical deconstruction begins. We view the image from all angles, with a totally open mind. The subject is undetermined at this stage and we are lead largely by the emerging themes that we tease out and give greater form to. We work in to the image in turn, in the main, but on larger pieces, it’s possible to work in tandem.

This process requires a certain deconstruction of ourselves too, in that we have to be completely embracing of alteration, deconstruction and even total destruction of our original marks; trusting that the the reviewed image will be stronger for it. It just doesn’t work otherwise. As the themes become apparent, we discuss their potential strengths, but we do not hinder each other by being precious over particular areas. Complete freedom is essential and present always; there lies the magic for us.

It is within the last stages of the work quite often that a subject becomes apparent. Identifying a narrative is a very special moment; it intensifies the image, it provides often a deeper meaning, a contrasting interpretation perhaps, it just joins the dots.

We are bursting with ideas, so back to the brush!

Lorna and Stephen x

Izanami and the Birth of an Island (On the left) and

Jacobs Ladder

Watercolour, pencil and ink on St Cuthberts Mill Bockingford paper (iPad image)


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