‘Perseus and Andromeda’

This piece began with a study of the Three Graces; the interplay of arms drew us to the image. Once the initial phase was completed, Stephen explored the intriguing abstract quality of the third figure on the right hand side. At this point, we started to consider its strengths from different angles.

The power of the two arms reaching from top to bottom were important for us to preserve. They have weight and serve to emphasise a sense of motion. We enjoy the ambiguity too, as the hands read in a variety of ways.

We continued to work into the marks, finding contrast with fine lines and dark swathes of ink. Stephen worked into the remaining female figures’s hair with a fantastic cascade of texture, echoing the gravity of the upright composition.

It became evident that a male form was emerging at the top of the painting and it was at that point, that we realised the emerging image was of Perseus and Andromeda. The refining of his head brought balance to Andromeda and encourages the viewer to trace the action from top to bottom.

This is the completed work

2 thoughts on “‘Perseus and Andromeda’

  1. Thankyou Maranda ,on this occasion we felt a little ” dip” into the journey of this piece was pertinent as it went through so many changes away from The three Graces! to its end point.The mix of realism and abstract is essential if a journey is going to happen…but also chance plays its role as we had no idea of the end result,and as in most journeys the end point tends to be slightly beyond what you can initially perceive…this is the point we love so much as we work,we’re both delighted when other people love it too X


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