Angels of St Mary’s church Part 1

This period of lockdown amidst Pandemic has been such a challenging, confusing and emotional journey for so many of us who find ourselves out of all recognisable comfort zones. Just before lockdown, but very aware of the immensity of what was coming, we suffered a very human “belly punch” moment of bad news about a beloved pet’s chances of surviving a grim diagnosis. We found a need to be quiet amidst beauty and grandeur that was accessible nevertheless to human interaction and visited St Mary’s church in Bury St Edmunds. The Angels have supported the hammer beam roof for 600 years without a grimace or slipped disc and their permanence and presence as a backdrop to so many lives and moments held our attention when we needed it to. When Lockdown inevitably came and during the subsequent last weeks of our cat’s life it was the Angels we returned to; initially The King and Queen and in progress, as I write, Gabriel. As Artists it is not difficult to move along timelines of history and grasp some of the contexts and compositional challenges the Artisans, craftspeople and designers of the day would have debated whilst visualising the impact and success of their work. We find ourselves having the same conversation 600 years later. Over these weeks we have worked on our Angels during a time that is not so easy and we find ourselves thanking them for being there yesterday, today and tomorrow whilst carrying on the conversation.

‘The King’

‘The Queen’


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