Our shop windows

Study for Winter Sycamore, January 2021

In this Winter double Lockdown of weather and worse, more and more we have found ourselves prone to bouts of what could be called ‘the restless pen or brush’. Times when sketches and studies flow like series of glimpses filling our lines of vision. Working fast, exploring ideas in notepads and sketchbooks, a series of lines, textures and methods mixed with chance encounters; sometimes unrealised avenues of expression, hinting explosively and occasionally at futures or bigger directions. These studies that still flow are pristine moments caught in time. They are so essential to what we do. This blog entry is another glimpse after all, towards whatever may come as the days grow longer. We are delighted if one of these studies draws the eye.

With this in mind we have opened an Etsy shop, simply as an outlet for these small works; often brief, small in size and left unframed and unmounted. It is a joy to match a glimpse with another eye here from time to time. We will also add print runs to this site.

We will continue to maintain our own shop here on our website. This is reserved simply for cards, prints and calendars (which we produce at the end of the year).

Galleries are hugely important to us and we exclusively deal with Bell Fine Art and London Contemporary Art for substantive realised paintings.

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