Summer interlude and a bit of Bergman

At time of writing we’ve just tidied away our remaining stock after our second session at a local makers’ market in the wonderfully historic Market Cross in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. We had so many interesting conversations and chances to liaise with local shoppers and art lovers and enjoyed chatting with passers by whilst sampling the wonderful Victoria sponge from the cafe there. We return to the market next month and for 2 days at the end of November when it will start feeling a bit seasonal. We have a range of small originals, limited run and unique prints, resin pendants and one off handmade velvet clutch bags using fabric printed with some of our favourite designs. We also stock a range of blank greetings cards and are developing some brand new items in the run up to Christmas. Some of these items have featured in our Etsy shop.

We’ve had a really busy Summer and the title of this blog alludes to this and the feeling that now is the time to reflect a little as the season turns.The blog borrows its title from Ingmar Bergman who was an expert at existential symbolism but for our purposes we just ask 5 minutes of your time to reflect a little on the Summer with us…its what he would have done as well.

One such existential point of departure (although we stop short of being political as this is not the place really…) we have to report that with thousands of other small businesses and traders Brexit has adversely affected our options to trade abroad (for now at least). Costs and customs regulations for sending items abroad have increased and become complicated by a bureaucratic jumble of red tape, that puts small traders and their customers off before the ink on the shopping list is even dry. Businesses that used to routinely trade with established continental trading partners have ceased doing so and its quite common for craftspeople and artists to now advertise the benefits of supporting local artisans, artists and crafts people rather than looking further afield, advising previous partners and customers abroad to support their local small traders as well. Suffolk and East Anglia is our home in this era and in some ways, the makers’ market we are a part of is a way to step into this ‘local’ domain and to engage with our community. Please support your local creatives and makers.

Another lively local scene full of energy, vibrancy and talent are the multitude of artists linked in with the ever resourceful Suffolk Open Studios collective, even when studios aren’t routinely open there are group shows around the county and this year alone we have exhibited at the Pond Gallery Snape, the 142 Gallery in Felixstowe and at time of writing at the Ferrini Gallery in Pakefield, Lowestoft. This has really opened our eyes to what’s on our doorstep, which after all lessens our collective carbon footstep and perhaps should be perceived as an opportunity to embrace local diversity. We’d love to ship items round the world as we have before but, instead we’d now like to drop them off in person with you. This has been one of this year’s themes. Perhaps now is time to let you know we have a 3 month exhibition at the Angle Gallery in Bury St Edmunds in the New Year, expect future updates about that one.

Our home county of Suffolk is such a beautiful county whether you are resident or passing through and local folklore, imagery and architecture continues to inspire. We’ve delved into the myriad history of religious imagery in local churches this year particularly fascinated by how Angels are represented and their juxtaposition with local St Edmund legend, pre reformation fragments are spread throughout Suffolk and give us glimpses of a strata of life and belief in Medieval Suffolk whether it be religious or sociological. The local church St Mary’s, in Bury St Edmunds has a long and diverse history and only survived the dissolution of the Abbey by an ‘exchange of ownership’ from elite monastical to universal public , a sort of ecclesiastical precursor to the much more wide ranging French Revolution on a very local level! We’ve enjoyed liaising with St Mary’s this year and they now have a range of our cards on sale in their bookshop which are directly inspired by the Angels which hold their roof up… inspiration to completed Artistic response doesn’t get closer than that! These cards are also stocked by Denny Brothers in town and we thank them too for their continued support.

This year continues to be about where we are and being here, maybe Ingmar Bergman would have approved as we transcend into mellow fruitfulness, whatever happens we embrace it wholeheartedly if it means we get to meet more of you. As creatives its always a pleasure to see and thank people personally for supporting us and liking what we do. Thank you again and cheers Mr Bergman!

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