Cyanotype collaborations

‘Sleeping Furies‘ collaborative Cyanotype

We’ve been immersed in the brilliant alchemy of the Cyanotype, a chance to explore new conjunctions of our images both old and new together or separated from any original context. We’ve loved the results so far and wanted to share some of these new images with readers here.

The first thing to consider is change in scale and the effect that has , immediately these Cyanotypes gain intimacy during a process that’s one or two steps removed from the original intensity of creation. The next thing to consider is change in context when sequenced with another images or filtered through a different colour spectrum. The Cyanotype has its own context, amidst these considerations the process has refreshing possibilities that become gripping as the final image is revealed.

We’ll share the ones we’re most excited about onto TheKirinsArtShop over on Etsy and anyone local to Bury St Edmunds can see them in the flesh at the indoor makers’ market at the Market Cross in August.

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