A new vision

For a long time now we’ve been looking for opportunities to expand our Artistic vision into areas beyond even what we as collaborative creators thought was possible. As an Artist you create the original by drawing upon a myriad of stimuli and lived experiences and methodology, however the ongoing process doesn’t necessarily end there. We found Prinfab online, there will be many other versions but we like their digital tools and soon discovered that some of our originals could convert seamlessly into prints onto fabric. People who saw the original prototypes were moved by what they saw and we never forgot that, for a while we just played with the tools and enjoyed the fabric ….until now.

Lorna has been making some of the designs into bags which are beautiful bespoke works of Art in themselves, each one evolving the source original into a new form unique to its creative journey. Stephen utilises the digital tools to further the original image to this end particularly the potential to invert and mirror designs onto the fabric used for the article.

And so we arrive at the items we are delighted to share with you, unique Art works in themselves that have evolved from a unique collaborative process. At the moment, to wear an Art Gallery you will have to visit TheKirinsArtShop over at Etsy, but from next month we will also be making them available in person at small local makers’ markets starting with The Market Cross in Bury St Edmunds on the 14th of August.

We thank you all for coming on this creative journey with us.

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